Windows 10 settings

This document is useful only for the members of Semmelweis University. If you are neither a student nor an employee of the university, then you will not be able to get eduroam service using this information.

In order to set up your windows 10 system to use eduroam you need to complete two steps:

The supplicant program issued by Semmelweis University can be used only by students or employees of the university, other people will not be able to use it. If you are a student or employee of Semmelweis University, you must use this supplicant. Do not try to set up your windows 10 system without it!

Download and install the supplicant program

1. Type this into the address field of your browser program: and press the <ENTER> key! You are going to see something like this:

2. Click on the lower blue rectangle that says "eduroam user: dowload your eduroam installer". A window will pop up containing a list of  institutions.

Select your home institution

3. Click on the row with the text and logo of Semmelweis University! If you have Windows 10 on your computer you will see this:


4. Click on the rectangle with the title "MS Windows 10"! You will see this:

download win10 supplicant

5. Click on the "Save File" button! After the completion of the download, click  on the file to start the installation:

Click on the file to start the installation!

6. You will see this:

Click on the "Next" button appearing in the window at the center of the screen!

Click on the Next button to start the installation

7. You get a warning that this installation will result in a proper setup of eduroam only if you are a student or employee of Semmelweis University. If that is not the case, eduroam will not work for you with this installation.


If you are a member of Semmelweis University, click the "OK" button!

8. The system will warn you that a digital certificate is about to be installed and windows is not able to validate its authenticity. Here you must click on the  "Yes" button, otherwise eduroam will not work.

Warning about CA certificate

9. The program report the installation steps, then stops. Now click on the "Next"button!

End of the installation of the supplicant

Choose the eduroam wifi and type in your eduroam login name and password

10. Now select the "eduroam" wifi!

Select eduroam wifi

11. Set it to connect automatically!

Set "Connact automatically"!

12. Now you need to type in your eduroam login name and password. It is important to follow the next instructions precisely.

Your eduroam login name is like: where LOGIN must be replaced by your SeKA login name. (The SeKA login name is the same as the Neptun code for students, and the same as the login name in the central email service of Semmelweis for employees). You can use all lowercase letters to type in your login name. This login name looks like an email address, but actually it is not.

The password is what you use in the SeKA system. If you are not sure what is your password, you can get help here:

Important: sharing your SeKA credentials (login name and password) with anyone else is strictly forbidden! You may get banned from eduroam for that!

Type in your eduroam login name and password