Frequently asked questions for both students and employees

Technical issues

What are the conditions of using the eduroam system?

There are three conditions of using eduroam:

  • You have a personal eduroam account (login name and password)
  • Your mobile device has been correctly configured
  • You comply with the regulations of Semmelweis University and the institute (and country) where you happen to use eduroam. The main points very briefly: it is forbidden to publish contents that are under copyright restriction, or pornographic. You must not  bully others, do any profit oriented business activity, strain network resources. It is forbidden to enter or to attempt to enter into systems that you are not authorized to use. For details see: Acceptable Use Policy of the NIIF, and the eduroam regulations. It is strictly forbidden to share your eduroam account with anyone else!

Where can I use the eduroam wifi service?

Anywhere (at the Semmelweis University, at other educational and research institutions, both in Hungary and abroad), where  eduroam is displayed in the list of wifi access point on your mobile device.

What do I need to do in order to use eduroam at a foreign institute or abroad?

Nothing. If your mobile device has been set up correctly, it will work anywhere, you needn't apply for permission locally.  That's the point of eduroam.

Where is the eduroam service available at the Semmelweis University?

Presently only in the EOK building and in certain parts of the NET building. We work on extending the service.

How can I check if the eduroam infrastructure is working correctly?

The Hungarian eduroam infrastructure can be checked here. There is also an international monitoring system.