How to set up eduroam for students and employees of Semmelweis University

This document pertains to the members (students, faculty or any other employees) of  Semmelweis University who want to use eduroam. Visitors of Semmelweis University should read the page “For our guests”.

All mobile devices must be set up separately

In order to use your mobile devices with eduroam, you need to set each of them up. This involves downloading some files, then typing in your login name and password. However, you need to do this only once, there is no need to alter anything as long as you don't change your password.

How can you set up your mobile device?

Warning: if you want to make sure that your personal information and login credentials are not stolen, do not use any other method than the ones published on this website to set up your mobile device!

Detailed step by step instructions are going to be published for the most popular device/OS combinations. This is only a brief summary of the steps you must do.

Android és Apple
Android, iOS

In order to set up a smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS) you should install the “eduroam CAT” app the usual way (using Google Play, App Store). Start the app,  select “Semmelweis University”, and download the installation profile of the university. You need internet connection for these steps. You need to type in your personal login name and password (see later) in order to use the eduroam service.

Windows, OS X, Linux, Chrome
Windows, MacOS, OSX, Linux, Chrome


In order to set up a notebook (Windows, MacOS, OSX, Linux, Chrome) use an internet browser to visit the  website, then click on the “Download your eduroam installer” text at the bottom of the page. Download, install the program, then open it and follow the instructions. Of course you need to type in your personal login name and password in order to use the eduroam service.


The eduroam login name has the following format: which looks like an email address, but it isn't. You need to replace seka_login with your personal login name in the SeKA system. This is followed by (without any space). You should type in your eduroam login name using lower case letters.

Your password in the eduroam system is equivalent to your password in the SeKA system. Upper and lower case characters are considered different for passwords!

Your login name and and how to set a password in the SeKA system is described here. You can get more information about the SeKA (Semmelweis University Central Authentication System) here: The SeKA system is not the same as Neptun.