Use of eduroam for guests at Semmelweis University

This document pertains to people who would like to use eduroam at Semmelweis University, however, they are neither students nor employees of Semmelweis University.

The eduroam service can be used by persons, who are students or employees of an institution (hereafter: home institution) that is a member of the eduroam federation. 

Semmelweis University is continuously monitoring the function of its  eduroam infrastructure, so that we can guarantee, that you can use eduroam wifi here, if your mobile device has been set up correctly and you have been able to use eduroam with it in your home institution or elsewhere.

If you have any questions or problems with eduroam (e.g. is your home institution a member of eduroam federation; or how do you need to set up your mobile device so that it works with eduroam etc), please turn directly to your home institution, or the IT people there. They are in the position to be able to help you.