Frequently asked questions of students


How can I apply for an eduroam account?

Students don't have to apply for an eduroam account, because eduroam built on the SeKA system, and all students have a personal SeKA account by default. The password is the same used in the SeKA system. Students can set their own passwords in the SeKA system.

What is my login name and password in the eduroam system?

You need a personal user account in order to use the eduroam system.

The login name is of the following format: This looks like an email address but it isn't. Students have to type their Neptun ID instead of seka_login  (this is equivalent to the SeKA login name). This is followed by (without any space). You should use lowercase letters to type your login name.

The password in the eduroam system is equivalent to the one used in the SeKA system. Lower and upper case characters are considered different in the password!